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Seems yesterday since I wrote my last post while, instead, a bit of time has past gone. I haven’t been around as I have been very busy by campaigning, as a candidate, for the local election in UK token place on the 2 May 2019.


To be a candidate for the UK local elections 2019 has been a great experience!

After disposed of all the toxins, both, mentally and physically and recovered from them; with serenity and more lucid mind, I am, finally, be able to back to my normal (even if normal isn’t anything clear as “what’s normal?”) life, but, I wouldn’t like to lose the memories of that great experience which I cannot even have enough words to thanks the Labour party for give me a such and immense opportunity. Thanks a lot for that!

I would like to put in write all those memories, experiences and feelings I had in an eBook available, maybe in couple months or less (hopefully) where I can describe, what’s really looks like the to be a candidate for an election.

I am, also, sure, it may be very interesting to read, of course, for anyone kind to have a look at it, as the experience has been amazing which only now, after lose all the mental waste left in my mind due the hard and complex campaign.

However, lost or won, it doesn’t matter really, as I won anyway as I am now be able to put in words all of it.

Yes, now, with a fresh mind, I can now look back as an enjoyable experience since the day I was appointed as a candidate to the last minutes I spend as it.

I am not user if will be accessible in English, as I will write the book in my mother language as, since I lost my editor, I don’t think my flat and, in most case, inaccurate English language, will be able to give me the opportunity to input in writing the real feel and emotions I have experienced.

So, stay tuned, if you got any interest, as more details will be disclose as soon I will have any update to share.

Thanks and as usually stay safe!

lifestyle, Personal esperiences, Politics



This is Paul and as many others, while the politicians ending play Brexit in Westminster, he’s spent his Christmas, maybe in some Church Hall with others unlike like him or where he made his house, on the doorstep on a retails which has shutdown due bankrupt (as always every few weeks some shop declare bankruptcy and it seems became normal these days go bankrupt in my time it was a shame).

Please, before judge or call him

  • well he’s a scam
  • he doesn’t want work
  • he’s an addicted

or he’s these and that, stop, think, please, you should be try to don’t be a ship with your fat comfortable ass on the sofa’ because life has been good to you or maybe your mammy and daddy left you enough money and house/s to go to university or to have whatever to allowed you to don’t feel the mess, the austerity, the recession and the lack of money the UK is affected these days while the politicians have now, totally forgot about people rights and democracy, still singing the same old boring song, tell lies as always and pretend that’s the wish of the nation …

well, NO! … That is not the wish of nobody anymore!

This is a mess, and undeliverables mess which even Boris has change side …

Pensioners push to go to work in McDonald, clean the tables, I have worked in McDonald and I was only in my early 30s and I felt bad in a young environment, it was feel like an humiliation for £4.50 at hour … I left only after few months to go to work in another different type of business.

Of course, the employment statistics show an increase of people at work, with the new Universal Credit, pensioners, which they should enjoy and rest after a life of works and sacrifices instead to go to clean tables in a McDonald fast-food restaurant.

Also, people without legs are sent to work, the government made them fit to go to work! Health issue problem, absolutely 100% fit to work, not time to address the health problems, just go to work because the government need the numbers, people are numbers these days, like Paul, another one on the street …

In the main time, the so unwanted migrants from Eu are lower of any other part of the world migrants entering the UK.

In fact, only the past 12 months, 120.000 Eu citizen have left the UK and very few coming over, the NHS on the knees other then red bus with £350M what a lie!

A&E close down, evening and weekends with a big issue and inconvenient for everyone, police station close down in some, even, ‘hot’ town and the number of police officer hasn’t change still the few need works as 11 hours at day sometime or often, depend and the GBP in in free style fall-down …

This isn’t the Brexit they were promise you  and Paul he’s a scam, he can happen to all, before you even think about Paul (man in the picture above) wait to listen his story, then, you may judge but not before …

This is not ENGLAND!