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My father has spent his all life to fight the wrong establishment by been full involved in politics. I remember like yesterday the weekends, and some time full weeks (no, he wasn’t have an affair first because my mum was very hot and he was so jealous; second he was to in love with politics).

So, why I tell you that?

Because, he was, my dad, to say that politics is dirty and push me out after, maybe, he thought about as I was take with him, often every Saturday, to join the local section of the Party. He was a member and activist of the P.C.I. the Italian communist party, plus, due his popularity in the factory, a big one, the FIAT, he then become an executive of the CGIL the Union represent the communists workers, to reach the seat of the national committee.

Again, why I tell you that?

Because politics is dirty come out a mouth of somebody other then nobody. A somebody which dedicated his life, strength and energy to and ideology by see his party for the first time, become the first party in Italy since the end of WWII and the dominion of the D.C. (supported by the Vatican of course).

So, in the end, he lived the gold age of the socialism even if, unfortunately, he was also testimony of the collapse of such ideology and shift and mixed of the geo-politics map of the world by the fall of the Berlin wall, which signed the end of the Communism dream and ideology.

But, what has to do all that with the title of this article about “Politics is Dirty”

Well, starting with a long, maybe 100s of pages to delivery to you the real end of communism? No, I am sure you don’t care …

But …

How about BREXIT?

It’s exotic and interested, isn’t it?

  • An entire referendum, thanks the arrogance, which is symbiosis with the Tory in UK, and arrogance as the referendum was call by an arrogant Cameroon.
  • But, how about something wasn’t exactly as we been told and makes believe?
  • How, about a worldwide power design to limited grow of the EU as a new USE (United Stated of Europe) with a police and an army?
  • Scary eh? Scary for Israel, IRAN, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia and guess who else? Oh, yes … USA!


Now, who want another super power specially after we spend the last 30 years to destroyed as many enemy of states [possible, unfortunately, the Arabic Spring didn’t well, instead, mess, big mess; of course, you maybe don’t know about because the medias doesn’t tell you because you shouldn’t know but, today, with our digital world, if in one sense is against our freedom as we can find even in the bottom of a gutter, at same time we can retrieve info and news which are take away from us by the major media (tg-news and press).


I never spend a personal word about BREXIT but today, before, yet another farce, I would like to spend few words …


I cannot find an answer to some simply questions like:


  • Why the UK PM is so obsessed to throw this deal out?
  • Why she thinks that another referendum is anti-democratic? Did she forgot that the Leave didn’t win with the minimum forum of 5% instead the vote was so close that is easy to say the country is well split in half.
  • What did this referendum to the UK?
    • o Inequality
    • o The departure of 1000s of EU Citizen which, a what an hell of coincidence, instead of the £350M promised for the NHS by the “leave” red bus instead has fall the NHS in a chaos with A&E close in many areas and towns; but why nobody and I mean nobody has the balls to say that the EU Citizen where in large numbers employed as Nurses and other stuff and with their departures for a better safe place at home or in some other country of the EU has coincidental match the crisis of the NHS and locals A&E? Nobody mention that or point as one of the reasons; why? Please, you tell me if you got some brain.
    • o The Leaver organizations are almost under investigations for irregularity during the campaign for the referendum, and still, nobody mention that to the public
    • o Why you, dear PM decide to become the Fuhrer and denied the possibility to ask the people (that’s call democracy and not another way)


  1. So, I have a question, why you want BREXIT, despite the evidence of a catastrophe, why Tory should decide the future of my son, as he cannot be free anymore to move around EU as before?
  2. Who the hell are you, to decide that for the future generation?
  3. Or, why you don’t tell the truth, which is the desire of Lobbies and the main countries in charge of all us (USA, Israel, IRAN, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia) to don’t have another superpower like the EU?



At least, become honest for once and start tell the peoples the truth but, oh yes, I forgot that you don’t give shit if the EU is in a weak spot due the right wings extremists winds from the East and with France and Germany, for differences reasons weakened, maybe the UK was in title to take the sinking boat by hand and create a better Europe instead, decide to running away like cowards in the mouth of the wolfs … good luck with the WTO and specially, the US bullies!

NOTE: Hope you all dear Brexiteers, may sleep in the night by thinking for the Millions of lives lost in the WWII for the sake of the peace the equality, the demolitions of the wall which you are starting build again by spit on the grave of your granddad or whatever …


Shame on you all; oh sorry I forgot:







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