Who thought I was a pail of ballshit, play poker and bluff, well, I hope will be not too much disappointed …

Today, we publish the first of our classify documents (even if in the first place they were declassify but never-mind) …

We start with one of the major problem, which UK with BREXIT cannot give shit as a life of 1000s of human beings lye down on the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea has not importance because “migrants” where, I don’t know if you are aware, they seems exactly the equivalent of the Jews in the WWII the only thing missing at moment are the gas chambers and the place to burn the body, oh yes, we got lagers but nobody tell you and when you try to trust some press you thought was for the human rights not for the money, well, the results has come as disappointment, so, I don’t care anymore if I dye by starvation, I will start show to the world what’s really going on behind your back.

  • BREXIT was/is a lie and many of you still, like the donkey, turn the face in the sand like
  • TRUMP the great mistake the Americans can make, the raise of the KKK and the white fascism isn’t second even to the European fascist block which is a great threat for the democracy
  • The false myth of the migrants (they are dying in the general indifference of the international community which all start with the attempt by the US to destabilization the area (without have learn nothing from the disaster campaign of the Afghanistan and Iraq)
  • The destruction of the Libya which was work as a filter for the flux of migrants from all around such area with consequences that you cannot begin to image

So, after to be refuse to inform the world threw some more accredited firm of the press, I had enough and I will start to describe backed with evidences from classify documents that me, you will be deceived and it’s time to stop in name of the democracy which is at stake by now …

Don’t think about you, don’t just be care about yourself but for ones, learn from the past, from the horror of the Holocaust, the low level of imagination and of inhumanity we reach with the Shoah and let’s start acting in name of our future generation

Qaddafi wasn’t the problem, in fact, Libya was do a great job for the immigration forward Europe but Franco-NATO allies decided to kill him with an amount of lie

This week, in fact, the first classify document come from one of the 3000 emails of Hilary Clinton which cost her the seat on the chair in the White House

Here, you will find the real reason why they kill Qaddafi, make an massive mess in north-Africa and in the Mediterranean Sea all together

Enjoy the reading and see you next time for more classify evidence of how we all be deceived! Let’s open our eyes and our hearts for ones, yeah?!

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